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Permuteran is full of activities to do during daytime and nighttime, and features much more natural places to go to than you would find in the South of the island. Due to the protection of the values in the North, you will discover the authentic Balinese culture, and a unique Wildlife. We have a network of car drivers that will act as your guides to take anywhere from 4 to 12 people together at very reasonable prices and Ketut our manager will accommodate all your desires in terms of location and schedule. (Time to destinations written here is estimate. It changes depends on the traffic condition etc.)

5 min by foot 10 min by car 30 min by car 1 hour by car Farther
North Bali Dive Center Monkey Temple West Bali National Park Dophin Swimming Gitgit Waterfall
Dolphin Watch Permuteran Lovina Ubud
Atlas Pearl Farm Luxury Hotels Banjar Hotsprings Bali temples
Menjangan Island Mount Batur

North Bali Dive Center

Our partner, located 20 meters on the right of our beach, North Bali Center is a prime training center for beginners and professionals. With high tech gear able to suit up to 16 people along with 3 private boats, you will have access to 15 of the best diving spots in Bali … see a sunken WWII boat, natural coral reefs (some even at swimming distance from our beach), turtle reserves etc. You can go for short or long trips, snorkeling or diving, and arrange your trips to your desire as the staff of North Bali Dive Center is made of both Balinese and Western instructors. On top of being a prime diving center,  North Bali Dive Center also offers food, spa, and plenty of other activities as they have been in activity for the past 7 years.

Dolphin Watch

Permuteran and Lovina are unique in the world for dolphin lovers for 2 reason : it is they natural habitat and the sea is amazingly calm, making them very easy to spot and follow in the sea. We offer a unique way to enjoy the dolphins swimming in the wild : with our partner North Bali Dive Center, you can leave either from our beach or from the center (20 meters on the right of our beach). Just before the sunrise you will be taken in the boat for 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll find yourself in the middle of 10s or dolphins swimming together, while the sun rises over the mountains and sea. If you are lucky, you might even have a chance to see baby dolphins with their family ! It is a truly unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy their company. The advantage of leaving from the house rather than Lovina is also that Lovina has become increasingly crowded in the morning for dolphin watching, whereas you will be alone in the world with the dolphins on our shore.

Atlas Pearl Farm

40 meters on the right of our beach, Atlas Pearl Farm is an Australian Listed Company specializing in the natural culture of high quality pearls. Make sure to drop by their building to enjoy a coffee while browsing the best quality pearls Bali has to offer. They will show you the ins and outs of the pearl culture, and you will discover how their respect for nature has allowed them to have a very efficient business. While you are there you can also shop for jewels and raw pearls of different sizes and prices, all at wholesale price.

Menjangan Island (Deer Island)

Menjangan Island is a small island, located 5 miles to the north-west of Bali island and is part of the Indonesian archipelago. “Menjangan” in Indonesian means “Deer”. The name was given by the local population observing wild deer herds swimming to the island every spring and covering a distance of approx 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). Thanks to our partnership with North Bali Dive Center you can leave either from the Center (20 meters on the right of the beach), and after 1 hour on a boat along the scenic North Bali coast line, you will arrive at the shore of the Island. The Island is the best dive spot in Bali, offering transparent clear blue waters amazingly colorful corals and a spectacular underwater cliff with fishes and wildlife of all shapes and sizes. Menjangan has nothing to be shy of compared to Fijii or the Maldives. To take a break from snorkeling, land on the island where after a short walk in the middle of  Buddhist temples, you will be able to watch wild deers roam free in this sacred land.

Monkey Temple (Pulaki temple)

The Pulaki temple is a located 5 minutes from our house by car and is a sacred temple revered by Hindous all over Bali. The monkeys are free and taken care of by monks, but tourists can come in the temple and play with them if you offer them peanuts or bananas. They are very friendly but still wild so be careful to respect them. The temple is gorgeous and very traditional, located right on the shore in front of the sea, and will give you unforgettable memories, especially if you are lucky enough to catch a traditional Hindu ceremony while you are there.


The closest city to our villa besides Penyabangan (the village where we are located), 5 minutes away by car, Permuteran is a touristic spot where you will be able to find all the souvenirs you need, and buy art and decoration if you feel like bringing some memories back home. Permuteran is also home to some of the best 5 stars hotels in Bali, where you can enjoy all the leisure you can imagine.

Luxury hotels

Around the villa are some of the best hotels in the North of Bali if you want to change your scenery or indulge in even more luxury. Mata Hari is a 5 stars beachfront hotel with 2 stars restaurant part of the Relais & Chateaux group and boasting expensive but fantastic food and drinks. A bit more reasonable in price, drop by Adi Assri where you will be able to enjoy a buffet on the beach under the stars while listening to traditional Balinese music and dance.

Swim with Dolphins (Melka Hotel)

The Melka hotel-zoo has become a worldwide Mecca for all dolphin and animal lovers by offering one of the world best ways to swim with dolphins. You will have 30 long minutes in a swimming pool with 2 dolphins who have been trained by an American trainer in a very respectful environment. They will play with you, push you by the feet, drag you by the fins, give you hugs and kisses, you will never want to leave. The hotel also has a wide variety of animals within the zoo (otters, bearcats, monkeys, aligators, butterflies, snakes etc.) and you will leave with a certificate and pictures of your unbelievable experience.


Lovina is the biggest beach village in the North of Bali. The sunset on this lake-like calm surface of the sea is one of the must see thing in this area. It is very popular among backpackers from all around the world as there are many cheap hostels around. Therefore, It features plenty of restaurants, bars and touristic shops where you will find all your needs and souvenirs. There are also a lot of tour organizers in town in case you wish to do an activity that we didn’t think about. A must-go for lunch while you stay in Bali Il Mare

Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit is a natural waterfall in the middle of the forest. Take a walk for 200 meters (0.1 miles) in the middle of the vegetation to go there and discover with a local guide the marvels of the local fauna (cloves, vanilla, coffee, cocoa etc). You will then walk along magnificent rice fields where you can stop for a drink or food or keep going, stopping at the artisanal shops for your traditional sarong or paintings. You will then arrive at the waterfall : 40 meters of majestic power, preserved from civilization, and flowing in natural swimming pools where you can just sit and relax, or enjoy a stronger flow a bit further the river. The waterfall in itself is a show of power and you can test your will and strength by standing under it … guaranteed resourcing !

Banjar hot springs

The sacred waters of Banjar are filled with natural mineral elements like sulfur, which will relax your body and heal your skin. The hot springs have natural flow, a few swimming pools are arranged and if you are lucky you will witness a traditional ceremony as you stand in the pool. Around the pools is a restaurant that also offers drinks if you want to spend the afternoon there.

The West Bali National Park

The park covers around 190 square kilometers (73 sq mi), made of 158 square kilometers (61 sq mi) land and the remainder is sea. Famous in the world for its indigenous species, the Park offers magnificent views of the mountains and the nature. In the forest, you might run into wild deers, boars, parrots and other local fauna while you roam in the cacao, coffee vanilla and cloves. Unique in Bali and sacred to Hindus, this is as close to the nature as you could be. You can enjoy Trekking, Biking, Bird Watching, Horse Riding, Kayaking etc. Snorkeling and Diving are available around the Menjangan Island which is part of the National Park.

Mount Batur

This dead volcano features unbelievable landscapes and views. The best way to enjoy it is to eat in a restaurant on the slopes in front of the mountain, where you will have a full view on the twin lakes and the ashes in the middle of the forest, while you enjoy a traditional Balinese buffet


Ubud is the cultural and artistic center of Bali. The production of the world famous Balinese furniture and paintings is mostly located in the village surrounding Ubud. Conveniently located in the middle of the rainforest, you can also drop by the Monkey Forest, a sacred temple akin to an Indiana Jones movie where friendly monkeys will eat bananas of your shoulders while mothers take care of their babies. While you are there, see if you want to do a trek on the back of an elephant !

 Traditional temples

Bali is famous in the whole world for its unique spirituality and architecture (ever read “Eat, Pray, Love” ?). It features amazing temples created from the mix of religions between Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims and has unique architectures found nowhere else in the world. We particularly recommend taking a day to travel throughout the island and visit